Welcoming April 2015

The first day of April 2015.

Ten more days before I turn 23. Time has flown too fast—as it always does.

And it’s been more than a month since I last published a post in my blog.

What would I do for this year’s birthday? What would I wish for myself? I just questioned myself. And no, I did not really want anything although I usually buy a descent present for myself. This year feels really weird.

Then I looked back. During the last year, a lot of things had happened. I found them intriguing, challenging, upsetting and also amazing. I turned 22. My father got stroke again and the worse part was that he also got dementia. I once got robbed in an ATM. Finishing my thesis was difficult, and I even cried after having my thesis defence. I got dumped (twice) by a person that I used to love. However, not all of the events were terrible. I had a great trip to South Sulawesi with my lovely-silly friend and my dentist-to-be sister. I taught English for little kids in an English course. All of my students were cute, and they called me “Miss Sefin”. I also went to Bali on 2014 to attend Ubud Writers Readers Festival 2014 and had an Open Water Diver’s License. Afterwards, I went to West Papua to have my volunteering internship. I taught English for local people (and even made a guidelines book) and had an Advanced Open Water’s Diver Course. And last but not least, I just got a new job at CNN Indonesia TV as a Row Researcher for the News Gathering Department. I have been working for about 4 weeks now.

Huh. Hah.

What could I ask more? During my hardest time, I just remember that I was never alone. I have always got my friends and my family. They are always around. During my greatest time, I just remember that I have always had what I have needed.

The more I learn, the more I know that life is a never-ending game. I am the best player in my life, and I just need to perform well in it. It does need a lot of practices, but I will sure excel one day.

This year, I’m just thinking of getting a bouquet of sunflower for myself. Well, happy upcoming 23rd birthday, Sefin!

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