The Importance of Sportswear

I really like doing sports even though I realize that I am not really good at it. I love swimming ever since I was a little. I remember having a mini red swimsuit with skirt on it when I was like four. I love biking. I love jogging. I remember the time when I jump rope almost everyday when I was in Junior High.

Ever since my dad got his second stroke in 2009 and his third stroke a month ago, I have realized that I can sit back anymore. I need to work my body out, and become more conscious on my health.

And now I am 22 years old. How fast is that? Though I know that exercising will not help me to have a taller body, errr… earlier this semester, I started to exercise twice or thrice a week for about thirty minutes each session. I choose to play a stationary bike or RPM at home because it is the easiest way to start exercising (again).

So, now the question is: what’s with sportswear?

In the end of 2013, a friend of mine told me that it is very important to wear sportswear. I was so confused. Most of the time exercising, I used to wear normal daily clothes that I usually wear at home. So, yeah.

Sportswear is important because it absorbs sweats better than daily clothes. It is also important because it helps you to move easily. When you wear sportswear, you don’t have to worry if your clothes are gonna be ripped while you are doing splits because sportswear is flexible enough. Also, it is skin-friendly, I might say. Sportswear won’t hurt your skin because by wearing proper sportswear, you are actually avoiding friction between your skin and your clothes. Especially for ladies, wearing sportsbra instead of daily bra is super important. It is might be a bit inappropriate to say this, but sports bra helps to avoid nipples from bleeding because of friction during exercising.

For more reading, you can read the article “What a Woman Should Wear to the Gym” and “The Important of Sports Bras”.

Last but not least, as I have acknowledged that most sports store sells sportswear with not-so-affordable price, I want to recommend buying sportswear in one of the online stores I love: Zalora. Zalora is one of the best stopping online stores that provides various choices of sportswear with affordable price. From Nike to Lee Vierra, you can get sportswear at Zalora easily. It is fun to know that we can get a sports bra for less than 200.000 IDR! You can also find cute bikinis up to muslim swimwear. Amazing, isn’t it?

Well, well, Zalora has provided brilliant choices for us, women.

And don’t forget, sportswear is important! 🙂

P.S. This post is sponsored but opinions are all mine.

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