The Importance of Sportswear


I really like doing sports even though I realize that I am not really good at it. I love swimming ever since I was a little. I remember having a mini red swimsuit with skirt on it when I was like four. I love biking. I love jogging. I remember the time when I jump rope almost everyday when I was in Junior High.

A Message from NYC


She will always be my favorite lecturer. She encouraged me to write a thesis. She gave me tons of advice and suggestions that I needed the most. And I could never forget her current message related to my question, “What career should I pursue?”: “The more you produce (in writing, organization, and so on), the easier for me to give some suggestions. In any case, money is...

What am I up to?


I need my sanity back. That is the only sentence I got along with the migraine I am having right now. I am sleepy yet dizzy. Back then, before I started dating my boyfriend, I was quite happy. I went out with my new friends, I fell in love (with another guy), I learned a lot of things, and so on.

Figure 011: Sefin


Figure 011: Sefin Ya, tautan ini memang tentang saya. Saya tidak tahu dorongan apa yang akhirnya membuat saya mau menulis dan mengirimkan kisah saya ke Bless Burden. Bless Burden membuat saya merefleksi diri sendiri pada malam itu. Membuat saya berusaha mengenal diri saya lagi. Kembali melakukan pedekate demi hubungan yang lebih intens–dengan diri sendiri. Saya tidak tahu apakah ini sebuah...

Why We Have to Save Sharks?


Have you seen a box office movie called “Jaws”? I assume that most of you must have watched the movie. It depicted sharks as the cruelest creature in the world since they kill humans who swim in the open water. This is not true. Humans are actually crueler than the sharks for shark fishing has become one of the biggest industries all over the world. More and more fishermen are catching sharks for...

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