Things People Said about Your Ex-Boyfriends

Last night, before I could really have a good sleep, I suddenly remember what people ever had ever said about my ex-boyfriends. I have found some of them very funny and amusing, so I decided to write them this morning.

So, here it goes, some (funny) things people had ever said about my ex-boyfriends. I won’t tell you their names. Hahaha…

  1. “My God! So, it was your ex-boyfriend? I thought he was a girl. He looked like a giant girlfriend of yours.” – my dentist to my long-haired ex-boyfriend.
  2. “Wow. He didn’t look like his age. He looked like only two years older.” – my very best male friend.
  3. “Why did you two break up? He studied Engineering, for God’s sake. He must have a good future.” – not-so-close friend.
  4. “I did not know why you dated him. He looked so weak, lethargic, and lifeless.” – my sisters. Yes, plural.
  5. “I still think that he is the most handsome boyfriend you have ever had.” – my very best friend since Junior High School.
  6. “I’m sorry for what he’s ever done. You deserve someone’s better.” – my ex-boyfriend’s sister.
  7. “You are his ex, right? He cheated on you. He had an affair with me.” – a girl on Facebook that I barely knew, who has now become one of my friends.
  8. “So, now he has been traveling quite often? Wow. It’s a good thing that you two had already broken up. If he is still your boyfriend, he might not have time for you. At all.” – my very best male friend.
  9. “Aren’t you sad that he is now having a new girlfriend? Well, the girl shares the same religion with him.” – my ex-boyfriend’s friend who has become one of my quite-close-friends.
  10. “Well, do you still remember him? He is now one of my friends on Path, and he has lost so much weight!” – my high school male friend.

I guess I still have a lot of (funny) things that people had ever said about my ex-boyfriends. So far, I could only remember 10 of them. I believe there are more than that.

And, how could I not remember my ex-boyfriend? LOL.

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