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A Message from NYC


She will always be my favorite lecturer. She encouraged me to write a thesis. She gave me tons of advice and suggestions that I needed the most. And I could never forget her current message related to my question, “What career should I pursue?”: “The more you produce (in writing, organization, and so on), the easier for me to give some suggestions. In any case, money is...

What am I up to?


I need my sanity back. That is the only sentence I got along with the migraine I am having right now. I am sleepy yet dizzy. Back then, before I started dating my boyfriend, I was quite happy. I went out with my new friends, I fell in love (with another guy), I learned a lot of things, and so on.

New Lesson #1


I just experienced something that I have never felt and experienced before. Things might not happen exactly like what I wanted it to be, but at least, I’m done. I have finished it by myself, without regretting it. I’m proud of myself, and I’m glad for letting it go so easily.
And oh, well…
I have learned that anything perfect is never perfect after all.

Remember What the Turkish Say: “Beterin beteri vardır.”


Mungkin judul tulisan hari ini berbeda dari tulisanku yang biasanya, karena ada selipan beberapa kata dalam Bahasa Inggris dan sebuah pepatah dalam Bahasa Turki. Ya, “Beterin beteri vardır.” Every bad has its worse. Be grateful.  Sejauh yang aku tahu, dalam Bahasa Indonesia tidak ada pepatah yang bunyinya persis seperti ini. Pepatah ini tidak berbunyi seperti, “Habis gelap...

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