Daily Stories
The first day of April 2015. Ten more days before I turn 23. Time has flown too fast—as it always does. And it’s been more than a month since I last published a post in my blog.
Last night, before I could really have a good sleep, I suddenly remember what people ever had ever said about my ex-boyfriends. I have found some of them very funny and amusing, so I decided to write them this morning.
She will always be my favorite lecturer. She encouraged me to write a thesis. She gave me tons of advice and suggestions that I needed the most. And I could never forget her current message related to my question, “What career should I pursue?”: “The more you produce (in writing, organization, and so on), the...
I need my sanity back. That is the only sentence I got along with the migraine I am having right now. I am sleepy yet dizzy. Back then, before I started dating my boyfriend, I was quite happy. I went out with my new friends, I fell in love (with another guy), I learned a...
I tweeted about this once moments ago. One friend came to me. He said that he was quite slapped because of this. I agreed. I also got slapped. Several times meeting someone new, I had never really questioned about this to myself. Which one was I into them?
I Miss these Women
It’s been almost four months. I am missing them.
Well, the new lesson is that “I should never compare my life to others’.” We are given different matters depending on our abilities. He won’t give us things that we cannot solve. I have now believed that we always own the life. It is all about how we handle the life. Live to the fullest.
I just got a new lesson about women yesterday. “We–women, have the power to control our body. Even if we have to use our body to control things around us.” – Maam Retno. Yeah, we have the power. We are women.
Well, these days I’ve been learning about this: “Diversity is always beautiful.” Good morning! 🙂
I just experienced something that I have never felt and experienced before. Things might not happen exactly like what I wanted it to be, but at least, I’m done. I have finished it by myself, without regretting it. I’m proud of myself, and I’m glad for letting it go so easily. And oh, well… I...
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