Which One Are You into Him or Her?

I tweeted about this once moments ago. One friend came to me. He said that he was quite slapped because of this. I agreed. I also got slapped. Several times meeting someone new, I had never really questioned about this to myself. Which one was I into them?

So, here I start. I was, and still am itchy to write about this.

Which one are you into him or her?




Or even…


Let us identify them one by one.

First, love.

I could say that this is the deepest feeling. According to dictionary.com, love itself has several meanings. One, a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. Two, a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection. Three, sexual passion or desire. Now, you may close your mouth as I just closed mine. WOW. Yeah, right. Love is a deep one. I couldn’t really describe about this, but when you feel the affection, attachment, and desire… here comes love.

And well, I have heard people saying about this all over again: saying “I love you” is easier than showing and feeling it.

Second, likeness.

According to dictionary.com, likeness has a meaning of a representation, picture, or image. Here I assume likeness to alikeness. You are into someone because of the similarity you share with him or her; because both of you share the same thing(s). For example, you are into someone because him or her also love sci-fi movies. Or even because both of you prefer to go to church in Saturday evening. Whatever it is, the point is about sharing the same preference(s).

Third, adoration.

According to Collins English Dictionary, adoration is a deep love or esteem. It is also the act of worship. Now you know. So do I. Right before now, I was into someone. I thought I was in love with him. Ehem. Yeah, right. I know. Afterwards, I just realized that maybe it was adoration that had driven me into him. He does things I was not familiar with. Fullstop. And after I realized this adoration… woosh! It had gone just like that.

Last but not least, curiosity.

“Hey Mr. Curiosity.
Is it true what they’ve been saying about you…
Well, are you killing me?”

I thank you, Mr. Mraz for (again) slapping me in the ass. I mean, in the face. Talking about which one are you into him or her, let me introduce you to curiosity. The proverb says, “Curiosity killed the cat.” It is used to warn the dangers of unnecessary experimentation. Yep, you might have done an experiment because of that person.

According to Online Etymology Dictionary, curiosity is the desire to know. You haven’t really known the person, that is why you are curious. But once you have known about them well, you might lose the interest of them.

Here is the point, be mysterious. One of my friends said that you cannot be totally opened. After revealing one, you should keep the others. Revealing all of them will make you easier to peel. Noted. 

Therefore, we could now jump into the answer of this question: “Which one are you into him or her?”

Again I remind you (and myself) to be careful. Recognizing it will maybe not as easy as it seems.

Have a nice day, pals!

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